Smoking Active Filters (6mm)

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Smoking Active Charcoal Filters 10 Pcs

Smoking Active filters contain strongly absorbing carbon, which ensures that you ingest fewer harmful substances. The carbon is wrapped with chlorine-free paper and enclosed with two natural and heat-resistant ceramic flat caps.


Smoking originated in the eighteenth century in the Catalan municipality of Capellades in the province of Barcelona. During that time, the Miquel family still made rolling papers by hand. In 1868, the Miquel family made great strides in their production. They start their own business in Havana, Cuba. The predecessor of Smoking “El Pino” was born. In 1914 the first packets of rolling papers were produced under the name El Pino. The Smoking brand was not registered until 1923. Smoking is becoming the brand among smokers and is growing rapidly. In the nineties, the Smoking Deluxe was developed and was a huge success. Nowadays, there are various types of rolling papers including Smoking Gold and Blue.

Specifications of Smoking Charcoal Active Filter

  • Filter type: Charcoal
  • Filter length: 27 mm
  • Filter diameter: 6 mm
  • Contents: 30 filters
  • Brand: Smoking
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