Activated Carbon (20g) 'ActiTube'

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The Activated Carbon (20g) 'ActiTube' is a bag of activated carbon that can be used to fill the ActiTube Carbon Filters, or other activated carbon filters, such as the Black Leaf Carball.

But why use activated carbon? There are many reasons why one might want to, and SHOULD, use activated carbon. In short, it does three things:

1. It improves the quality of the smoke by partially filtering out unwanted particles (such as tar),

2. It keeps your bong or pipe cleaner for longer, and

3. it makes the smoke less harmful to your lungs and body, so smoking becomes healthier!

Activated Carbon is known for its ability to act as an impressively effective filter: it can filter air coming out of a weed grow operation so that you smell nothing of the beautiful plants they're growing inside (hence the name "carbon filters"). Now, any clever person might ask: "Doesn't this filter out the THC and other cannabinoids as well, reducing the effect of your herbs?". Good question, but NO! ActiTube Activated Carbon DOES NOT AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE BUZZ!


About The Activated Carbon (20g) 'ActiTube'

  • 20 Grams of Activated Carbon
  • Made by ActiTube
  • For Carbon Filters for Bongs, Pipes, Joints
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