Black Leaf Dry Herb Bong Slide 14,5mm Horn Handle

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This Black Leaf Dry Herb Bong Slide 14,5mm Horn Handle available in 4 beautiful bright colours is a great glass bong slide replacement with a long handle for easy lifting. Whether you´re looking to buy a bong slide with handle to replace your broken bong slide or just to make your pipe look more beautiful, this is probably just what you need. And if not, have a look at our other bong slides for sale.

This bowl is made of borosilicate glass, which not only makes it much stronger, but also much more heat- and scratch-resistant than regular glass. Borosilicate is also known as scientific glass, laboratory glass, and is sold worldwide under the brand name ¨Pyrex¨. Because this bowl has a medium sized opening of 3-6mm, the airflow is not restricted too much. We do recommend using a screen or gauze (12mm screens with SKU 440528 or S10) to prevent the weed and ashes from falling through while smoking. Oh, and did we say that it´s made by the German company Black Leaf?

How to use a bong slide? The slide or bowl is the part of the bong in which you burn the weed. After drawing the bong full of smoke, you lift the slide out of the bong using the handle in order to draw fresh air inside and ¨clear the bong¨. By doing this, you inhale all of the smoke that´s inside the bong in one quick hit, giving you the beloved ¨bong kick¨. Some bongs use a kickhole or carbhole that you operate with your thumb, as an alternative to lifting up the slide.

How to clean a bong slide? Cleaning a glass bong slide is very easy with the right tools. Simply use a bong brush and some Pipe Juice cleaner to remove the dirt quickly and easily, without leaving any dirty or poisonous residues.

What size bong slide do I need? Most modern bongs, bubblers, and pipes use the standard sizes of 14,5mm and 18,8mm. This 14mm bong slide fits on all bongs with the smallest standard joint size, and it can be used on 18.8mm bongs or downstems using a bong adapter. Because this is one of the most common bong slide sizes, this is likely the one that you need. If you want to be sure or to read more about measuring bong slide sizes without using a bong slide sizes chart, read this blog

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Black Leaf Dry Herb Bong Slide 14,5mm Horn Handle overview

  • Glass Bong Slide with handle
  • Great bong slide replacement
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Various Colours
  • Joint Size: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Intake Hole: 3-6mm
  • Height: 52mm
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