Black Leaf Oil And Herbs Bong with Frit Diffuser

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This Black Leaf Oil And Herbs Bong with Frit Diffuser is a one-of-a-kind glass percolator bong that can be used for smoking herbs as well as oil or extracts (dabbing). What makes this bong unique, is the "Frit Glass" or "Fritte" Percolator, which is basically a percolator disc made of many small glass grains loosely melted together. This creates a very effective porous glass filter disc, that works similar to a HoneyComb Percolator. The result is an immensely well-cooled and filtered, clean and smooth smoke. The smoke is pure, contains less "dirty" particles, and the flavour is unaffected. Because the frit percolator is such an effective diffuser, there is a good chance you will never even have to cough when smoking from this bong. This also makes it great for anyone who is unable to take huge bong hits using a regular bong without any percolators or diffusers. 

Another great feature of this bong, is that it comes with both a herb bowl for smoking herbs and an oil dome and nail for smoking concentrates (dabs). Why buy a seperate dab rig, when you can use this frit percolator bong by simply switching the bowl? The dome prevents your precious vapour from escaping, but it also functions as a "splash guard" preventing hot oil splashes in your face. The bong is 25,5 centimeters tall, which is a normal size for a dab rig. Because it is not too large, you don't have to worry about losing any of the precious oil flavour. The grinding on which the bowl and dome are placed is SG19F (18,8mm female). If the included bowls don't do it for you, you can simply replace them with any other SG19F bowl, or use a bong adapter to make a bowl with a different grinding fit. The glass of which this bong is made is high quality borosilicate glass. This "hardened glass" or "tough glass" will not only give your bong more strength and durability than "soft glass" bongs, but it also makes it more heat- and scratch-resistant.

There are a few small decorative elements on this bong, such as the glass knobs on the foot and mouthpiece. The large round foot provides plenty of stability, so you never have to worry about your bong tipping over. 

The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated only on the top, otherwise the grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material. 


About The Black Leaf Oil And Herbs Bong with Frit Diffuser

  • Black Leaf Oil And Herbs Bong with Frit Diffuser
  • Made of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 25,5 centimeters
  • Grinding: SG 19F (18,8mm female)
  • With Frit Glass Percolator Disc
  • Comes with Herb Bowl, Oil Dome and Nail
  • With "Fritte" and "Black Leaf" logo
  • Can be used for both herbs and oil / extracts
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